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like! Japanese fans also leave the court to pick up rubbish
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Autor:  PennantAyling [ 25 czerwca 2018 8:52 ]
Tytuł:  like! Japanese fans also leave the court to pick up rubbish

Japan 2-2 draw with Senegal. After thenike flyknit racer femme game, Japanese fans did not hurry to leave the stadium. They began to pick up rubbish onair jordan 13 low the stadium stands. This has long been a habit for them. After the first game in Japan, Japanese fans also took away trash.

Japanese fans have become a beautiful scenery on the World Cup. It is not that they have the best value in the world, but that they will spontaneously pick up rubbish and put them in their own garbage bags. After the match between Japan and Senegal, the post-game footage captured the warmth of the Japanese football fans. Japanese fans are accustomed to carrying a blue plastic bag with them. In the game, they used to wave collectively as props for cheering. After the game, the blue bag became a garbage bag and was used to clean up the stands. Not only in the World Cup, in the J League, in the AFC Champions League, as long as there are Japanese fans, they will take the initiative to pick up trash.

Some fans said: "The Japanese team has performed extremely well in this World Cup, but their fans are even more colorful." Japanese national player Yoshida Ma also praised this move by Japanese fans: "Not only the national team represents the image of Japan, but also in Russia. The same is true of the Japanese fans. This matter has won world recognition and we are very proud.”

The cleanup of stadium rubbish after the game is commonplace for Japanese fans. In the Brazilian World Cup four years ago, although Japan lost to Côte d'Ivoire 1:2 in the first match, the Japanese fans braved the scene of garbage after the game and made the world move.

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