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lready 37 years old, in the fashion world, Victoria can be s
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Tytuł:  lready 37 years old, in the fashion world, Victoria can be s

Beckham is loved by lots of people and recently his beloved wife Cheap Marcus Davenport Jersey , Victoria, has become the cover girl of the famous fashion magazine VOGUE on April 2012. Although being a mother of four children and who is already 37 years old, in the fashion world, Victoria can be said as an evergreen tree, for she is kept in great shape. When accepted the interview of VOGUE, she revealed her secret of keeping fit and that is to run for six days in a week.
One the one hand, Beckham Victoria is a British singer and fashion designer, and on the other hand, she is Spice Girls' one former member and the group is popular. "Posh Spice" was her nickname when she belonged to Spice Girls. Victoria, a Spice Girl gave birth to her daughter, and then she used just eight weeks to get back to her figure of the past days rapidly. Goals of Victoria are to possess happiness, success as well as being herself.Obrazek
It was said by Victoria that she is crazy about running, and she thinks it is the most effective thin body way. "When I am obsessed with a sport, I think this is the most suitable weight loss secret for me", said Victoria. Moreover, it is reported that Tracy Anderson who is in the pay of Hollywood stars also has been hired by her to customize the plan for her to reduce weight. Tracy was also the handpicked coach of Madonna and other famous queens.

"I have long hoped to try my best to do what I can do, for instance, I am very thin and I am not stand for six feet (actually#2# the height of Victoria is five feet and four inches)". The wife of Beckham continued to say:"So this is just what you see actually". "However, when people have a look at me, they always think that I am taller than the height I say, and actually, I may look higher due to both my high-heeled shoes and partly due to my dress", she added.

As we all know, Victoria is a favorite woman of the fashion industry. This former member of spice girl who is 37-year-old now has become a famous designer. When it came to her career, Victoria said so: "I want to create clothes, and these clothes have to be timelessly praised by people and also have the ultra-high quality". "This is what Marc Jacobs first told me before#3# and he said that if the clothes you design have the best quality, and then when people do not like them at all, what will they is just that it is not my style, but will not say that these things are rubbish".

When received the interview, Victoria also mentioned her former spice teammate girls. She said that for the past, she was pretty thankful, and she would like to show her respect to those girls, moreover, it was the best time for her to experience that time. "I have not become one of the best singers and dancers#4# but I have made great efforts to change myself previously". The spice girl said at last, "I used to say in the past 'this is very good', but before I say this, it will take me a long time to do the best".

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