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An excellent choice for boarding
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Autor:  qizhen111 [ 27 marca 2017 4:11 ]
Tytuł:  An excellent choice for boarding

In the international community is regarded as the 21st century innovation and technology of polymer wood flooring, will live healthy and comfortable, green, stylish and beautiful, cost stability, easy decoration and so on in one, cut a striking figure by the decoration business and head of the welcome, Become the protagonist of interior decoration. Wood-plastic composite flooring performance is good, moisture and water, acid and alkali, tasteless, fungi, anti-static, moth, Mianqi, in line with the human body comfort. The kind of flooring to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, its fire and smoke density to meet the national B1 standard, with superior flame resistance, an increase of the safety factor of human habitation. You can also use PP, PE as the main raw material, add wood flour and other plant fiber made of high-grade wood flooring, especially for geothermal heating floor effect is very good.
Japan, South Korea, North America has been widely used, the floor absolutely zero formaldehyde, benzene, is an excellent choice for home decoration. Wood-plastic composite flooring good features so that many people on their "love at first sight." In addition, the plastic floor color uniform, natural lines, showing a realistic log flavor, can reflect the concept of personalized decoration.
Wood plastic flooring is a composite industrial products, the cost is more than a single. Its price comparability is relatively stable. In addition, wood plastic materials can be recycled for the second use, can save forestry resources, is the state support and promote the science and technology projects.
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